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Dead Sea Facial Scrub

The Facial Scrub is a unique exfoliating scrub based on Dead Sea mineral crystals and Pineapple enzymes. It removes dead cells, improves skin tone and thoroughly cleanses the skin to leave it feeling wonderfully smooth. The Facial Scrub is so unique, it actually tells you when to stop!  The scrubbing particles easily dissolve in water and, in fact, are activated by it. Facial Scrub stimulates and activates the skin by the process of osmosis. It helps nourish skin cells from within and purifies the skin, ridding it of its waste.

Directions: Apply Facial Scrub to both cheeks. Moisten your fingertips with water and pat gently to dissolve the crystals. Spread outwards across the face, avoiding the eye area. Add more water if required. Concentrate on problem areas and impurities, such as blackheads. When fully dissolved (after 30 to 60 seconds), rinse off thoroughly with cold water.
Code: fl180 50ml.

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