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Fresh Look for Men

Personal Care products especially created for the man who cares about his appearance.

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Facial Bio Peeling

A deep cleansing facial scrub that exfoliates the skin and enhances its renewal.

Local Treatment Mask

A creamy, quick-drying mask for local application on blemished, impure skin areas.

Purifying Mineral Soap

This delicate cleansing gel lathers into a gentle creamy foam which, when rinsed off, leaving your skin smooth, clean and with a perfect Fresh Look!

Astringent Mask

A purifying oil-free mask formulated to deep cleanse and absorb excess oil from the skin's surface.

Purifying Toner

A refreshing astringent toner designed to complete facial cleansing and support skin hygiene.

Dead Sea Local Drying Lotion

A natural Dead Sea mineral suspension for local application on blemished areas of oily, acne prone skin.

Calming Emulsion

A moisturizing rebalancing emulsion for soothing delicate oily skin.

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